What about culture?

The French presidential campaign is probably the first one, since the beginning of the Fifth Republic, to end without cultural issues being raised in a serious manner; without support committees gathering prominent artists, writers, and musicians, calling on to vote for one of the candidates; without each contender eyeing a bid for the Elysée having demonstrated, in one way or another, the importance that he or she attaches to this issue.There has been no full-blown confrontation on any of these issues: the days are now gone when we fought tooth and nail over the architecture of a museum or the content of a library; when songs composed in praise of the various candidates were thrown like a pie to the face; when we insulted each other about the place of contemporary art in public orders or on access to music and cinema over the internet.Certainly, the candidates have all, or almost all, engaged in the compulsory exercise where they outlined a cultural program. […] …Lire le suite

Source:: Lexpress